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One of our recent projects was a redesign of Lazaro Soho’s eCommerce store.  The result is a a beautiful shopping experience that is easy to use across all devices.

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We are your digital problem-solver. But no problem can be undertaken without thorough analysis. The thorough research that Studio 36 West offers is the backbone that allows our web development team to get your website working for and not against you.

Our strategists use analytic evaluations, competition research, stakeholder interviews, and end user testing sessions to assemble the research necessary to build lasting and scalable designs.

As a result of thorough analysis, we can unearth valuable insights into how to effectively and precisely address your business needs. We partner with you to define the problem areas of your digital design, narrow down the most powerful options and tools available, and engineer the appropriate solutions.


Beautiful digital design integrates your industry’s unique specifications, the best of available technology and the buying habits of your customer. Understanding each of these components will ensure you have the right solution to create the online presence your business needs.


We develop superior interfaces to that allow you to make meaningful connections with your target audience. Let us put your brand a in front of your competitor.




Our experienced web development team has the diverse skill sets and qualifications necessary to provide you with personalized design and programming solutions that ensure code and website resilience. Specializing in back-end and front-end design solutions, our developers assemble robust design prototypes, regardless of whether they are created by your in-house team or our very own.

 Success begins now, let’s get started.


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